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Kaishun massage movie



Movie could be the best way to transmit the direct image on internet. Nowadays, escort business adopts delivery of movies to their advertising. Escorts with hand service or massage like Nagoya Escort Erotic Massage Club put kaishun massage movies on their websites. The content is so erotic that you are able to erect watching them. Please check ours.


Pleasae scroll down. Then you will see a couple of movie screens on the page. Click the arrow start button in the middle of the screen. 


Part2 Erotic Massage

Part3 Testicle Massage, Facesitting, Nipple Licking

Part4 Nuru Hand Job



Our service flow is very clear, such as first, last, and always body to body play, oil massage full of eroticism, and hand job finish using nuru lotion. They are just commercial movies, so they are partial digest versions. However, the escort girl in the movies is beautiful, and the contents are so interesting to watch that you might get horny.

Just watching a part of the erotic service will make you restless, so it is a good idea to try it. You are already restless and excited. When you have the service in real, you would be surprised at stronger love it for stronger sexual-feeling than your expectation and love it. Are you skeptical? All right. Then consider of it after you watch our kaishun massage movies first. We believe our service makes you feel good and happy.


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Erotic Movie
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⇒Kaishun massage movie

To use delivery-health in Nagoya



You come to Nagoya on your business trip and want to use delivery-health in Nagoya? Maybe many of you stay in a business hotel around Nagoya Station or Sakae area.

System is different to each hotel. You can call in delivery-health to your room with no trouble in some hotels. However, you need to come down to the entrance to pick up an escort girl in some other hotels, and there are hotels no one but overnight guests can enter. It might be sometimes difficult to figure out or ask how the system of your hotel is.

It is good to research on Internet in advance if you have already decided to call in a delivery-health, but most people are not sure, I think. Your company made a reservation for a hotel, and you are not so sure about your schedule till you come to Nagoya, so you are not sure if you can call in a delivery-health before your arrival? 

When you decide to call in a delivery-health after all, you might be told an escort girl cannot enter the room. Then you have to go out to use another love hotel if you want to use the service. It is not very nice.

If you can choose which hotel you stay in, it is a smart idea to ask about hotels on your reservation call when you call in a delivery-health in Nagoya.


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Nagoya Station Delivery Health

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⇒To use delivery-health in Nagoya

Using kaishun massage in Anjo-city



If you are looking for erotic service with no risk of STD, our outcall kaishun massage is available to deliver Anjo-city, too. Real store type erotic massage was common before, but outcall type has become major in Kanto area.


The service has no risk for STD. Many customers love massage with a little erotic spice. And probably some customers had a trouble of STD in health before.


We researched what is the good point for users.


Almost naked cute girls, their whole massage, professional massage technique, and heavenly hand job as good as intercourse etc. There are lots of advantages.


It is prohibited men touch escort girls in erotic massage. But I heard the escort girls touch and stimulate with one after the other sexual-feeling skills if you are passive and let them take an initiative. Unfortunately, the escort girls cannot perform sexual-feeling service fully if you try to breach the rules. Please taste the sexual-feeling of kaishun erotic massage.


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Aichi Massage
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⇒Using kaishun massage in Anjo-city

Hanabi firework events in Nagoya and kaishun massage









Name: Rara

Do you know Nagoya Aichi has several big firework events (hanabi) and summer festivals (matsuri)?

For example…

20th Gamagori Matsuri Fireworks

21th Minato Matsuri Fireworks

26th Kou Summer Festival

    Kinuura Minato Matsuri

    Kira Hanabi Taikai

It would be nice and fun to see girls in yukata and dynamic fireworks eating Japanese traditional food at stalls.

Are you exhausted by summer heat? Are you alone without GF?

Then how about sweet GFE in our kaishun erotic massage?


Our service is body to body oil massage that is a mixture of good lymph massage, erotic massage like feather-touch or nipple massage with facesitting, kaishun massage like testicle massage, groin massage, or prostate massage, and heavenly hand job pouring lots of warm nurulotion.

The Japanese girls are topless with a g-string on. They are well trained therapists and pretty with Japanese omotenashi hospitality.

They comfort your body and heart.


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Hanabi fireworks Nagoya
[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
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⇒Hanabi firework events in Nagoya and kaishun massage

Erotic kaishun massage in Nagoya








Name: Hina


We would like to introduce a new adult entertainment to you who is tired of regular escorts in Nagoya. I searched an erotic massage with hand job in Nakamura-ku that is different from existed escorts like soapland or health.

The service includes body to body oil massage, testicle massage, groin massage (lymph at the bottom of your thighs), prostate massage. facesitting, and feather-touching (sexually stimulating touch like feathers). They are what you cannot get in soapland or health. I find their service very interesting. Kaishun massage and erotic massage escorts with hand job service are increasing in Japan.

The escort girls are called therapists in kaishun and erotic massage. Some massage escorts let them join lessons by professional instructors regularly to improve their skills.

Do you want Japanese girls make you feel good? Do you want to experience different sexual-feeling? Haven't you tried yet? How about trying once? The new sexual-feeling can expand your sexual life in night entertainment.



Escort Erotic Massage Club, Nagoya Massage
[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
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⇒Erotic kaishun massage in Nagoya

Okazaki fuzoku sexual service info



We researched the current situation in Okazaki. There are many delivery-health escorts. Real store type health escorts are around the station. Other areas are residential districts, so there is less.


Massage escorts are poor. There are few or none good massage escort. If you want good service, you have to call from Nagoya. The standard of service and escort girls of an escort that is nationwide popular are worth extra transportation fee.


‘Rendezvous’ course that you meet an escort girl at a meeting point in a town is popular, too. So it is good to try if you are going to go to Nagoya. Your satisfaction level depends on service and the escort girl you meet. What is your priority? Service? Girl? Or both? Men’s honest feeling is for both. We hope both.


We recommend Nagoya Escort Erotic Massage Club for kaishun massage and hand job. Please check Nagoya Escort Erotic Massage Club. Love hotels around the Okazaki Inter (exit of the highway) are available and convenient to use.


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Nagoya Okazaki fuzoku
[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
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⇒Okazaki fuzoku sexual service info

G-spot? Prostate?



This erogenous zone is not well known... however, men have g-spot on their prostate though many people believe only women have it.

Prostate massage was originally for a medical treatment. But men sometimes ejaculate in an expression of prostate fluid, and people got to know men have g-spot, too. Thus, doctors use prostate massage when they harvest a patient's sperm. Furthermore, people say this prostate stimulation works for ED, residual urine, and frequent urination. This is exact killing two or three birds with one stone.

Prostate massage is becoming more sexual than medical, and escorts offering prostate massage as their main service are increasing.

But chemistry, physical condition and habituation are important. You should have an escort girl given a proper lecture in a trustful escort to have an ecstasy and not to get hurt within the intestine. It is proper in a medical view, too.

If you get used to prostate massage, you can know where your G-spot is, and you will cum many times like a woman even if you ejaculate only once now.



Escort Erotic Massage Club, G-spot prostate Nagoya
[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
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⇒G-spot? Prostate?

The secret to get a young GF: Kaishun massage



Excuse me for being personal. I have a 15 years younger GF. GF is GF, and adult entertainment is another thing. I use escorts a couple of times every month.  When I go to drink with my friends in mid 30's, all of them complain about decline of sex energy and possible ED.

I always wonder, ”Are you guys OK with that?” ”Don't you want to have fun in the life?”
I had not told them. I was cool because I am energetic with no problem. But I told them one day. The reason I keep a hot relationship with a 15 years younger GF...
the secret is in the escort I use regularly.

I call in kaishun erotic massage once a week. It is an adult entertainment combines sexual service and massage. My friends said, ”You have sex with a GF and still go for an escort once a week? Is your sex drive boundless? D***a*s!” lol 
No. It is not that. Kaishun massage gave me that power.
Do you know what kaishun means? Kanji characters of kaishun express spring turns back again. Yes, sir. It does not matter we are in our 30's, 40's, or 50's!! Kaishun massage is to recover male genital function in our youth.


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Nagoya Kaishun Massage
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⇒The secret to get a young GF: Kaishun massage

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