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G-spot? Prostate?



This erogenous zone is not well known... however, men have g-spot on their prostate though many people believe only women have it.

Prostate massage was originally for a medical treatment. But men sometimes ejaculate in an expression of prostate fluid, and people got to know men have g-spot, too. Thus, doctors use prostate massage when they harvest a patient's sperm. Furthermore, people say this prostate stimulation works for ED, residual urine, and frequent urination. This is exact killing two or three birds with one stone.

Prostate massage is becoming more sexual than medical, and escorts offering prostate massage as their main service are increasing.

But chemistry, physical condition and habituation are important. You should have an escort girl given a proper lecture in a trustful escort to have an ecstasy and not to get hurt within the intestine. It is proper in a medical view, too.

If you get used to prostate massage, you can know where your G-spot is, and you will cum many times like a woman even if you ejaculate only once now.



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