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To use delivery-health in Nagoya



You come to Nagoya on your business trip and want to use delivery-health in Nagoya? Maybe many of you stay in a business hotel around Nagoya Station or Sakae area.

System is different to each hotel. You can call in delivery-health to your room with no trouble in some hotels. However, you need to come down to the entrance to pick up an escort girl in some other hotels, and there are hotels no one but overnight guests can enter. It might be sometimes difficult to figure out or ask how the system of your hotel is.

It is good to research on Internet in advance if you have already decided to call in a delivery-health, but most people are not sure, I think. Your company made a reservation for a hotel, and you are not so sure about your schedule till you come to Nagoya, so you are not sure if you can call in a delivery-health before your arrival? 

When you decide to call in a delivery-health after all, you might be told an escort girl cannot enter the room. Then you have to go out to use another love hotel if you want to use the service. It is not very nice.

If you can choose which hotel you stay in, it is a smart idea to ask about hotels on your reservation call when you call in a delivery-health in Nagoya.


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