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No extra transportation fee within Nagoya city?


Name: Jun

I think most escorts deliver for free transportation fee within Nagoya city. Some areas may need extra fee for the long travel distance.


It is about 30-40 minutes from the center of Nagoya where escort offices exist to all four edges on north, south, east and west. So you will not wait so long. If the escort delivers on time, you can make good use of time.


Escort can arrange schedule easily when they deliver within Nagoya. You can get the service quickly in a short time between dinner and sleep. I have heard about bad escorts that do not deliver even after one hour or deliver a totally different girl from the girl you chose. However, most escorts are not like that. You can have fun.


Delivery is available for your business hotel, love hotel, or home. You can relax and lie down for the waiting time. 

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