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The Nagoya-meshi (local food) ankake spaghetti


Name: Naoko


I recommended Nagoya food before. I recommended Hitsumabushi then. After all, the recommendation of Nagoya food is Hitsumabushi. However, the recommended foods increase massively when we talk about local casual good “B- gourmet”. They are misonikomi udon, tebasaki checken wings, and ankake spaghetti. This is B-gourmet I want you to eat definitely when you come to Nagoya. The very thick noodles tangled with thick spicy cornstarches- sauce. It is really good. Once you try, you want to eat more than several times in a year.



And we cannot miss tebasaki chicken wings for a drinking session! We cannot stop eating for the spreading sweet and spicy taste! Because this taste is standard for us in Nagoya, we feel strange when we eat tebasaki in other cities.

Women in each city have their local characteristic. There are many sexy and tender girls in Nagoya. We have many girls in more body to body style during the session in our Escort Erotic Massage Club group. Please try if you have not tried yet. It is certain that the somewhat of your life capacity widens. Lastly, once again. The recommended Nagoya foods are ankake spaghetti, tebasaki, and misonikomi udon.


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