Nagoya's best hanami spots



Name: Miki


Cherry blossoms symbolize the annual advent of spring, and the Japanese have traditionally celebrated this with “hanami”. Hanami, literally meaning flower viewing, are parties under blossoming cherry tress. Throughout Japan, in parks, shrines, temples, and on riverbanks, crowds enjoy picnic under the pink cherry blossoms. Many popular spots are illuminated in the evenings.


If you want to enjoy cherry blossom viewing in Nagoya, my recommended hanami spot is Yamazakigawa Riverside in 10 minute-walk from Mizuho-Undojo-Higashi Station. It is nominated as one of Japan’s 100 best cherry blossom spots. You can walk along the river lined by hundreds of cherry trees for nearly a kilometer.


Also, Nagoya Castle is well-known as a sightseeing spot in Nagoya. And Nagoya Castle has many somei yoshino sakura trees and several weeping cherry trees.


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